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alan“Films Without Borders proves that a film is a universal language with the power to connect young people across all cultures.”

Alan Ladd Jnr


george“These movies were very sophisticated grammar wise, and they weren’t normal student films where people are self indulgent. These were all put together in a literate fashion which is a great thing”

George Lucas


roger“For the past 19 years I have travelled the world as a UNICEF Ambassador, and whilst welcomed warmly in many countries I have also come up against some unwelcoming borders and brick walls, and whilst individuals might not be able to cross these borders or climb those walls, I believe film can. The mediums is universal. Long may it continue to be”

Sir Roger Moore

Mike“I was very impressed with the documentaries. I was immensely impressed by the documentary about the pianist. All the films are full of terrific choices”

Mike Newell


david“You know I wish you all the luck in the world with this venture. Please pass on my very best wishes to all the young people who are participating in Films Without Borders. I look forward to being invited to an early screening of the completed films.

Lord David Puttnam