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Films Without Borders (FWB) provides hands-on educational filmmaking workshops for youth aged 15 – 20, living in challenging countries around the globe. They may for example be young people who live in war zones, orphans of the genocide, young long term offenders, and youth living in townships or indigenous communities. The one thing they all have in common is that they are often overlooked, and do not have filmmaking courses readily available to them in their respective territories.

FWB’s intention is to break down barriers, build bridges, and create a dialogue, whilst teaching these young people skills they would otherwise never have access to, introducing them to the powerful medium of filmmaking. In doing so FWB unearths new talent, which may unlock the door to a new career path, something which would previously have been unimaginable to them.

Through making a short film, our workshop participants learn invaluable life-changing skills. For some, the FWB filmmaking process is an important confidence building experience, enabling them to learn about themselves and others, and be involved in the production of a short film. We do however strongly believe in nurturing new found talent, and those who show exceptional aptitude during the workshops continue to be mentored by us. FWB offers them fully supported internships in the film industry. We continue to support our participants in the workplace until they are on their feet. FWB’s mission is to turn dreams into reality, and in doing so lives are changed forever.